South East Forests

Beginning in 2002 John Blay began an extraordinary series of walks through the SE forests of NSW. Beginning from Cuttagee Headland, near Bermagui, he walked over Mumbulla Mountain, through the Warrigal range and across the Bemboka Peaks to join the Great Divide at Bega Swamp. From there he walked the escarpment through the Tantawangalo and Coolangubra into Victoria, thence following the Genoa Gorge to Mallacoota Lake. And that’s not the half of it.

This story reveals the remarkable beauty of the region’s forests. How much of  the forests’ extraordinary natural diversity was at risk during the forest wars? What was their best ‘use’? And what about the Kooris? It puts human nature into an ecosystem of great complexity. Did all that conflict over issues of conservation during the forest wars change anything really? The third part of the south east forests trilogy, due later in 2018. Nature is the key word.