The 360 km route from Mount Kosciuszko down to Twofold Bay near Eden crosses some of the nation’s wildest, most remarkable landscapes. From the highest part of this continent to the ocean, the Bundian Way is a track as much as a meeting place, a path to reconciliation.

This signature multi-media event involves new work by Kate Neal, Brenda Gifford, Eric Avery and Damian Barbeler. Instigated by Damian Barbeler, the 75 minute performance is immersive, with images from the track and music which captures the many aspects of nature and culture of the south east of Australia.  Featuring John Blay himself reading from the book that captures the track, the performance will be followed by a Q+A with John Blay, the author of ‘On Track’.



Brenda Gifford,  Walimbaya (Return)

Eric Avery, new work

Kate Neal, new work

Damian Barbeler, Scenes from the Bundian Way



Eric Avery, violin/voice

Anna McMichael, violin

Ben Ward,  double bass

Jason Noble, clarinet

Louise Devenish, percussion

With John Blay, narrator


This remarkable work will likely come to a festival near you in the near future.

Generously supported by Arn Sprogis and Margot Woods, Peter and Margaret Janssens and Andrew Blanckensee through A Major Lift.