The maps of the Bundian Way below are of course totally inadequate for walkers. They simply give the broadest indication of the route. When the entire Bundian Way is officially open to bushwalkers more detailed mapping and track notes will be made available to all. For the time being, skilled and experienced walkers are being offered draft copies of tracknotes so they can make a contribution to the ongoing project.

Bundian Way in New South Wales


Two sets of tracknotes are available to those interested. One is low definition (2 mb) and the other is of higher definition (17 mb) for the use of highly experienced walkers and groups with their own insurance. Parts of the walk are extremely difficult, even dangerous in adverse weather conditions. These maps are made available in the hope those using them will give feedback that can be used when final tracknotes become available and the route is ready for its official opening. To request download copy please follow link below.

Download:  Low Definition route map with notes  (2 mb)

Download: High definition route map (17mb)

Bundian Way in South East New South Wales