Species List



This list correlates names used in the text of Back Country, On Track and Wild Nature with scientific names and other common names, and attempts a broad suggestion of distribution in the area. Economy does not permit a full list of the wildlife species found in south east Australia but I have included many of the common and interesting or unusual species observed, and trust this form will interest those who appreciate names for things.

The list shows the name used in the text, other common names and scientific name, followed by notes on sightings and distribution.

Note that many names have changed since the 1980s and as of 2020 many other Taxa are undergoing revision. I have generally kept the old names in the text, as they are usually better known or have stayed on in common parlance as a common name. New and old names are usually given here.


Adder, death; Acanthophis antarcticus; lower forest areas


Angophora, rough-barked; apple, rough-barked apple; Angophora floribunda;

lower forests and valleys, very common


Antechinus, brown; brown marsupial mouse; Antechinus stuartii; quite

common throughout


__ agile;  A. agilis; coastal forests


__ dusky; dusky marsupial mouse; A. swainsonii;   frequent, forests and mountainous areas like Wadbilliga Plateau


__ yellow-footed; yellow-footed marsupial mouse; A. flavipes; drier habitats


Ash, blueberry; blue oliveberry; Elaeocarpus reticulatus; coastal,  damper sites

__ Jilliga; stenostoma; Eucalyptus stenostoma; rocky ridges  between the Deua and Indian Head, most common on rocky places in the Brogo, endemic

__ silvertop; black ash; E. sieberi; most common eucalypt of the area

__ Wadbilliga; E. paliformis; Wadbilliga Plateau and edge of escarpment overlooking the Brogo

__ white; E. fraxinoides; higher forests


Baeckia, mountain; Baeckea utilis; higher swamps and creeksides

__ alpine; B. gunniana; higher swamps and creeksides


Ballart, pale fruit; Exocarpos strictus; ridges overlooking the Tuross


Banksia, mountain; Banksia canei; high country especially with  Casuarina nana heath


Bandicoot, long-nosed; Perameles nasuta; relatively common

__ short-nosed; Isoodon obesulus; relatively common


Bauerella; Sarcomelicope simplicifolia; rainforest


Bettong, eastern; Gaimard’s Rat-kangaroo; Bettongia gaimardi; slight possibility near upper Deua and Woila Creek


Bitter-pea; Daviesia species; common in higher country

__ large; D. suaveolens; the larger species often growing near D. mimosoides

__ narrow-leaved; D. mimosoides; farms and scrub


Blackthorn; thornybush; Bursaria spinosa; common especially along streams

__; B. lasiocarpa; as with above but not as common


Blackwood; Acacia melanoxylon; common, damper gullies


Blanket-leaf; Bedfordia arborescens; damp and wet gullies


Blue bush, Bendethera; Acacia covenyi; restricted to limestone area near Bendethera, endangered


Blue-tongue, blotched; southern blue-tongue ; Tiliqua nigrolutea; high country, heath


Bolwarra; Eupomatia laurina; rainforest, Spring Mountain


Bottlebrush, alpine; Callistemon sieberi; yellow, along higher streams and swamps

__ dwarf river; C. subulatus; crimson, common along streams  and rivers

__ river; C. paludosus; yellow-whitish and smaller leaves, rivers

__ yellow; C. pallidus; ridges


Bowerbird, satin; Ptilinorhynchus violaceus; forests


Box, apple-topped; Eucalyptus angophoroides; occasional lower country

__ blue; E. baueriana; near Wadbilliga River


Bracken, hard; Pteridium esculentum; woodland and farmland

__ soft; Culcita dubia; damper gullies


Breynia; Breynia oblongifolia; forests


Broom-heath prickly; Monotoca scoparia; relatively common


Brownbarrel; cut-tail; Eucalyptus fastigata; damper and higher forests


Burrawang; Zamia palm; Macrozamia communis; near Belowra


Bushrat; Rattus fuscipes; relatively common, especially near habitation


Butcherbird, grey; Cracticus torquatus; near Wadbilliga


Candlebark; Eucalyptus rubida; tablelands


Casuarina; black she-oak; Casuarina littoralis now Allocasuarina littoralis; lower forests and woodlands


Cherry, native; wild cherry; Exocarpos cupressiformis; forests, relatively  common


Chough, white-winged; Corcorax elanorhamphos; about Deua and Wadbilliga  rivers, frequent


Cockatoo, yellow-tailed black; Calyptorhynchus funereus; common especially  in wattle groves

__ gang gang; Callocephalon fimbriatum; relatively common

__ glossy; Calyptorhynchus lathami; most numerous deeper in the back  country, often in casuarina groves

__ sulphur-crested; Cacatua galerita; more open country, farmland


Coprosma; prickly currant-bush; Coprosma quadrifida; forests and streams


Crowea; Crowea exalata; along Brogo River


Cuckoo, pallid; Cuculus pallidus; especially adjacent to clearings


Currawong, grey; Strepera versicolor; higher country

__ pied; S. graculina; common


Cut-grass; long or shiny-headed mat-rush; Lomandra longifolia; open forest and especially along streams


Cypress-pine; Port Jackson Pine; Callitris rhomboidea; dry slopes above Wadbilliga River


Daisy-bush, musk; Olearia argophylla; damp gullies


Dingo; Canis familiaris dingo; not sighted but likely along main  rivers, most frequent about the Great Divide


Dogweed; dogwood; Cassinia aculeata; damper slopes


Douligah; yowie, yeti?, bigfoot?, Doolagar, Wild Hairy Man; see Yowie;   not sighted


Duck, black; Anas superciliosa; rivers and streams, common

__ wood; maned duck; Chenonetta jubata; rivers and streams


Eagle, wedge-tailed; Aquila audax; commonly seen


Earth-star; Geastrum species; rainforest


Echidna; spiny anteater; Tachyglossus aculeatus; relatively common


Epacris; common heath; Epacris impressa; common on higher and well drained sites


Eucalyptus badjensis; endemic, near mountaintops, especially at head of gulleys, endangered

__ E. baeuerlenii; Baeuerlens gum;  very rare, steep slopes of Queens  Pound ridge, endangered

__ E. mannifera; brittle gum; usually in higher, poor country, and near  Canoolie and Belowra

__ E. pauciflora; White Sallee or sometimes cabbage gum;

__ E. wilcoxii; Deua gum;  endemic, very steep granite slopes on Mother Woila and through the Brogo, endangered

__ E. tereticornis; forest red gum; upper Tuross and lower valleys

__ E. smithii; gully gum; blackbutt peppermint; gullies and riversides

__ E. maidenii; Maiden’s gum; especially richer forests

__ E. cypellocarpa; monkey gum; mountain grey gum; especially damper  forests

__ E. dalrympleana; mountain gum;  higher country

__ E. viminalis; ribbon gum; manna gum; common especially along rivers

__ E. nitens; shining gum; higher forests

__ E. parvifolia now E. parvula; small-leaved gum; upper Tuross, restricted to Two  River Plain

__ E. ovata; swamp gum; higher damper sites, and near Tralfamadore

__ E. rossii; white gum; higher country


Everlasting; everlasting daisy; Helichrysum or Bracteantha; species common on swamps and damp places

__ golden; H. acuminatum; swampy country

__ pale; H. rutidolepis; swampy country

__; H. bracteatum now Bracteantha bracteata; drier slopes

__; H. scorpioides; damp places


Fantail, grey; Rhipidura fuliginosa; forests and woodlands


Fern, birdsnest; Asplenium australasicum; rainforest, Spring Mountain

__ filmy; Polyphlebium venosum; rainforests, on soft tree ferns

__ hard water; Blechnum wattsii; damper forest slopes, common

__ rock-felt; Pyrrosia rupestris; rainforest

__ water; Blechnum nudum; very common, especially shaded places


Fig, rusty; Ficus rubiginosa; damper rocky sites especially in the Brogo

__ sandpaper; F. coronata; rainforests


Flax-lily; Dianella tasmanica; especially higher forests


Fleabane; Conyza species; tall weed most common on disturbed ground


Flycatcher, brown; Jacky winter; Microeca leucophaea; forests and woodlands

__ satin; Myiagra cyanoleuca; forests and woodlands


Fox; Vulpes vulpes; common throughout


Friar-bird, noisy; Philemon corniculatus; rivers and streams


Frogmouth, tawny; Podargus strigoides; common


Geebung, narrow leaf; Persoonia linearis; common in lower forests

__ smooth; P. levis; mountain slopes


Gentianella; mountain gentian; Gentianella diemensis; higher damp places


Goanna; lace monitor; Varanus varius; common


Golden-tip; Goodia lotifolia; dampish places


Grass-bird, tawny; Megalurus timoriensis; woodland near Canoolie


Grass-tree; blackboy, blackfellers spear; Xanthorrhoea species including X. australis; drier  slopes



Grevillea, rosemary-leaf; Grevillea rosmarinifolia; higher country

__ royal; G. victoriae; rocky slopes

__ spiderflower; G. irassa; higher rocky slopes

__ startling; G. miqueliana; higher rocky slopes

__ woolly; G. lanigera; upper Tuross


Gum, Badja; Eucalyptus badjensis; endemic, near mountaintops, especially at head of gulleys, endangered

__ Baeuerlens; E. baeuerlenii; very rare, steep slopes of Queens  Pound ridge, endangered

__ brittle; E. mannifera; usually in higher, poor country, and near  Canoolie and Belowra

__ cabbage; probably E. pauciflora or sometimes E. dalrympleana

__ Deua; E. wilcoxii; endemic, very steep granite slopes on Mother Woila and through the Brogo, endangered

__ forest red; E. tereticornis; upper Tuross and lower valleys

__ gully; blackbutt peppermint; E. smithii; gullies and riversides

__ Maiden’s; E. maidenii; especially richer forests

__ monkey; mountain grey gum; E. cypellocarpa; especially damper  forests

__ mountain; E. dalrympleana; higher country

__ ribbon; manna gum; E. viminalis; common especially along rivers

__ ribbony: may be cabbage gum, brittle gum, river peppermint, mountain gum,  candlebark, et cetera, but usually ribbon gum

__ shining; E. nitens; higher forests

__ small-leaved; E. parvifolia now E. parvula; upper Tuross, restricted to Two

River Plain

__ swamp; E. ovata; higher damper sites, and near Tralfamadore

__ water; Tristaniopsis laurina; streams and riversides especially along the upper Brogo

__ white; E. rossii; higher country


Hakea; Hakea macraeana; forests

__ dagger; H. teretifolia; forests

__ finger; H. dactyloides; ridges

__ small-fruit; H. microcarpa; high forests, streams


Helichrysum;  everlasting; Helichrysum or Bracteantha species; higher damp places  especially swamps


Heron, blue; white-faced heron; Ardea novaehollandiae; rivers and streams


Honey-eater, Lewin; Meliphaga lewinii; coastal side of ranges

__ New Holland; Phylidonyris novaehollandiae; coastal side of ranges

__ white-eared; Lichenostomus leucotis; mountain heath

__ yellow-tufted; L. melanops; near Tuross River


Holly, native; Prickly shaggy pea; Podolobium ilicifolium; common in silvertop ash forests


Hop-bush; Dodonaea species; relatively common


Indigofera; Austral indigo; Indigofera australis; relatively common in  forests


Kangaroo, grey; Macropus giganteus; common especially in higher country


Kingfisher, azure; Ceyx azurea; rivers and streams

__ sacred; C. sancta; rivers and streams


Kookaburra, laughing; Dacelo novaeguineae common


Kunzea, pink; violet kunzea; Kunzea parvifolia; higher heaths


Kurrajong; Brachychiton populneus; relatively common especially on lower  damper slopes


Lawyer-vine; wait-a-while; Smilax australis; damper slopes


Leucopogon;  lance beard-heath; Leucopogon lanceolatus; relatively common


Lilli-pilli; lillipilli; lilly pilly; Acmena smithii; damper places often forming  rainforest


Lily, rock; rock orchid; Dendrobium speciosum now Dockrillia speciosum ; dampish rocky sites


Lomatia, holly; Lomatia ilicifolia; ridges

__ river; L. myricoides; common along rivers and streams


Lorikeet, rainbow; Trichoglossus haematodus; Yankees Creek


Lyrebird; Menura superba; forests and rainforests


Magpie, black-backed; Gymnorhena tibicen; common


Mahogany; southern mahogany, bangalay; Eucalyptus botryoides; near creeks in lower Brogo wilderness


Maidenhair, giant; Adiantum formosum; rainforests

__ little; A. aethiopicum; forests and damp places


Mallee-ash, Kybean; Eucalyptus kybeanensis; high country heath, Wadbilliga and Kydra peaks


Melaleuca; Melaleuca sp (aff. ericifolia); higher country above the Brogo


Microseris walteri; also M. spp; Yam daisy;  also nyamin, garngeg, murrnong; remnant near swampy areas


Mintbush; Victorian Christmas bush; Prostanthera lasianthos; thickets, common in damper places


Mistletoe; Amyema species; common

__ river oak; A. cambagei; only grows on river oaks


Mock-olive; Notelaea species; forests

__ large; N. venosa; forests

__ privet; N. ligustrina; high altitude forests


Mutton-wood; Rapanea howittiana; rainforests


Myrtle, grey; ironwood; Backhousia myrtifolia; rainforests and gullies, usually forming pure stands


Nettle, stinging; Urtica incisa; damper places, creeksides, the native species


Oak, river; Casuarina cunninghamiana; some river and streamsides


Olive-berry, black; Elaeocarpus holopetalus; higher rainforests and wet  gullies


Olsenii; Olsen’s gum; Eucalyptus olsenii; dry higher ridges and stonyplaces from Woila Creek to Wadbilliga Plateau


Orange-thorn; Citriobatus pauciflorus; damper places, along streams


Orchid, dagger; Dendrobium pugioniforme now Dockrillia pugioniforme; rainforests

__ common donkey; Diuris longifolia; higher forests

__ donkey; D. abbreviata; forests

__ greenhood; Pterostylis species; near streams

__ liparis; Liparis reflexa; higher dampish rocky sites

__ mule; (see donkey)

__ orange-blossom; Sarcochilus falcatus; rainforests

__ pencil; Dendrobium striolatum now Dockrillia striolatum; rocky sites with lichen

__ rock; D._speciosum; damper rocky sites

__ tangle; Thrixspermum tridentatum; damper places and rainforests

__ wasp; slipper orchid; Cryptostylis subulata; Wadbilliga granite


Owl, barking; Ninox connivens; common

__ boobook; mopoke; N. novaeseelandiae; common

__ masked; Tyto novaehollandiae; relatively common

__ powerful; Ninox strenua; Wadbilliga


Owlet-nightjar; Aegotheles cristatus; Wadbilliga


Oxylobium, alpine; Oxylobium alpestre; higher heaths

__ common; O. ellipticum; higher heaths


Pardelote, spotted; Pardelotus punctatus; forests with coastal aspect


Parrot, king; Alisterus scapularis; common


Passionfruit; native passion-flower; Passiflora cinnabarina; ridge above  Woila Creek


Pepper, mountain; Tasmannia lanceolata; higher woodland

__ T. xerophila; Badja


Peppermint, narrow-leaved; Eucalyptus radiata; forest and woodland especially higher country

__ river; E. elata; beside rivers and streams


Pigeon, brown; Macropygia amboinensis; rainforests


Pinkwood; eastern leatherwood, plumwood; Eucryphia moorei; rainforests,   often in pure stands, endangered


Pittosporum; sweet pittosporum, mock orange; Pittosporum undulatum; common in damper, lower places


Platypus; Ornithorhynchus anatinus; sighted in Tuross, but especially  higher rivers and streams


Plover, spur-winged; masked lapwing; Vanellus miles novaehollandiae;   cleared land, common


Pomaderris; Pomaderris species; many species common in damper gullies and rainforests


Poison-bush, peach-leaved; Trema aspera; rainforests, Brogo River


Possum, brushtail; Trichosurus vulpecula; uncommon in back country but most  common near settlement

__ greater glider; Schoinbates volans; higher country


Quoll, spotted-tailed; tiger cat; Dasyurus maculatus; high forest, uncommon


Robin, flame; Petroica phoenicea; dry forest, higher country and heaths

__ rose; P. rosea; rainforest

__ southern yellow; Eopsaltria australis; lower coastal side of back country


Rosella, crimson; Platycercus elegans; common

__ eastern; P. eximius; common


Sallee, black; Eucalyptus stellulata; higher country especially heaths and  woodland

__ narrow-leaved; E. moorei; relatively common in scrub and woodland of upper Tuross, endangered

__ white; snow gum; E. pauciflora; high country


Sassafras, southern; Atherosperma moschatum; streams and rainforests


Saw-sedge, razor; Carex species; probably C. impressa or C. gaudichaudiana; Wildflower Swamp


Scrubwren, large-billed; Sericornis agnirostris; very dense undergrowth

__ white-browed; S. frontalis; dense undergrowth


Silvereye, grey-breasted; Zosterops lateralis; forest, in flocks


Skink; eastern water skink; Sphenomorphus quoyii; streams and rivers in  lower country


Snake, black, red-bellied; Pseudochis porphyriacus; very common especially  along streams

__ brown; Pseudonaja textilis; higher country

__ copperhead; Austrelaps superba; tablelands, nana heath

__ tiger; Notechis scutatus; higher country


Snowgum; Eucalyptus pauciflora; common, high country


Sphagnum; Sphagnum cristatum; high wet places, bogs


Spinebill, eastern; Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris; coastal aspects of forests


Stenostoma; Jilliga ash; Eucalyptus stenostoma; endemic, rocky ridges between the Deua and Indian head, very common on rocky places in the Brogo


Stinging-tree, giant; giant nettle-tree; Dendrocnide excelsa; rainforests,   Spring Mountain


Stinkwood; Zieria arborescens; moister forests and gullies


Stringybark, blue-leaved; Eucalyptus agglomerata; common, lower forests

__ white; E. globoidea and E. eugenioides; common drier slopes

__ yellow; E. muelleriana; lower hills, common


Swallow, welcome; Hirundo neoxena; open country especially near water


Tea-tree; burgan; Kunzea ericoides; (formerly Leptospermum phylicoides);

damp places, streamsides, lignotuberous, common

__ river; Leptospermum obovatum; streamsides

__ slender; L. brevipes; near forests and streams, common

__ swamp; L. myrtifolium; higher swamps


Thistle, Scotch; Onopordum acanthion; weed of farmland, Robinsons Hole

__ spear; Cirsium vulgare; very common weed, widespread along  streams


Thornbill, brown; Acanthiza pusilla; damper forests, common

__ little; A. nana; forests and woodland

__ striated; A. lineata; forests, common


Thornybush includes coprosma, blackthorn, orangethorn and tree violet


Thrush; grey shrike-thrush; Colluricincla harmonica; forests, common

__ ground; Zoothera dauma; moister forests


Tree-currant; prickly currant bush; Coprosma quadrifida; forests


Tree-fern, hard; Cyathea australis; damp forests

__ soft; Dicksonia antarctica; rainforests


Tree-violet; Hymenanthera dentata; forest gullies


Trigger-plant; Stylidium graminifolium; silvertop forests


Tristaniopsis laurina; water gum; streams and riversides especially along the upper Brogo


Vine, lawyer; austral sarsaparilla; Smilax australis; moister places

__ pearl; big-leaf vine; Stephania japonica; rainforests

__ snake; Sarcopetalum harveyanum; rainforests

__ water; Cissus hypoglauca; rainforests

__ wonga wonga; Pandorea pandorana; forests


Violet, native; ivy-leaved violet; Viola hederacea; forests, especially sheltered places

__ native; purple violet; Viola betonicifolia; as above


Wallaby, black; swamp wallaby; Wallabia bicolor; everywhere

__ red-necked; Macropus rufogriseus; more open country, flats


Wallaby-bush; Beyeria lasiocarpa; lower sheltered slopes, common


Water-dragon, eastern; Physignathus lesueurii; bask by streams


Watergum; kanooka; Tristaniopsis laurina; some streamsides especially upper Brogo and upper Deua


Water-rat; Hydromys chrysogaster; near permanent bodies of water, the upper Shoalhaven


Water-vine; Cissus hypoglauca; closed wet forests


Wattle, Bendethera; blue bush; Acacia covenyi; endemic to Bendethera

__ black; A. mearnsii; forests, common

__ Bodalla silver; red wattle; A. silvestris; common, usually in large

stands from the Deua to the Brogo

__ Brogo; A. blayana; found only in the Brogo

__ coast myall; A. binervia; damper forests, rocky sites

__ hickory; A. falciformis; damper forests

__ Kybean; small-leaved silver; A. kybeanensis; about upper Tuross

__ mountain hickory; A. obliquinervia; damper forests

__ silver; A. dealbata; higher forests

__ the silver; A. blayana as above

__ white sallow; A. floribunda; streamsides

__ woollybear; A. lucasii; heath near Kydra


Wattle-bird, red; Anthochaera carunculata; common near blossom


Weed, Indian; Sigesbeckia orientalis; weed densely spreading from disturbed country


Westringia, mountain; Westringia eremicola(?); sheltered high places adjacent  to heath


Whipbird, eastern; Psophodes olivaceus; damper forests undergrowth


Whistler, golden; Pachycephala pectoralis; tall forest


Willow, bloody (excluded on principle)


Wombat; Vombatus ursinus common in less rocky places, but especially on  tablelands


Wood-swallow, dusky; Artamus cyanopterus; forest and woodland usually near  clearings


Wren, superb blue; Malurus cyaneus; lower forests, undergrowth


Yam daisy; Microseris walteri; also nyamin, garngeg, murrnong; remnant near swampy areas


Yabby; freshwater crayfish; Euastacus species; streams and rivers of the mountains


Yowie; not sighted