Gleebooks Book Launch

John Blay – Wild Nature

Sunday 13 March 2022 starting 2:30 pm for 3:00 pm at Gleebooks, 49 Glebe Pt Rd  Sydney

Celebrating completion of the South East trilogy with James Griffin, Minister for Environment and Heritage, and Bob Debus.

Wild Nature, John Blay’s natural history of the South East Forests National Park also looks at the purpose and values of national parks. Widely praised in reviews and press articles it was recently included in the WILD’s top nature books of the world:

  •  It also freeze-frames nature’s wonder and worth: A dance party of bristlebirds, emu-wrens and fieldwrens is one      fireworks example. The book is an important social and environmental work, partly because of the land it documents, and also since it compellingly answers a question Blay himself poses: “How do you express the value of wild nature?”

Wild Nature completes a trilogy that began with On Track and Back Country.

Bob Debus is NSW’s longest serving Environment Minister, who increased its national park protected area by more than a third. He is a committed conservationist: chair of the Colong Foundation For Wilderness and of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative, a project working for landscape-scale conservation across land of all tenures in eastern Australia.

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